With a dedicated and scalable operations facility, and with some of the cheapest electrical power in the world, Atlas Blockchain Group is ideally positioned to become one of the premier cryptocurrency mining companies in North America.


Washington State is among the top-rated jurisdictions globally for economic, social, and political stability. Proven technology leadership (Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, T-Mobile, Intel, Oracle and Accenture amongst many others) make this a hub of educated, technology focused individuals who understand and advocate Blockchain and the value it delivers.

Cheapest Power

Proximal to the Grand Coulee Dam, largest power station in the United States, Atlas currently (2018) accesses electricity at approximately $0.03/kWh*, some of the world’s cheapest power. Electricity costs are one the key profitability differentiators and Atlas is positioned to potentially become one of the lowest cost and most profitable mining operations in North America. *2019 rate increases to $0.034/kWh. Future increases subject to regional demands.

Proprietary Operations

Owning its own property and facility, Atlas has the flexibility and stability to completely control its operations and maximize returns of mined cryptocurrencies by holding these mined assets in inventory.

Growth Platform

Atlas aims to execute a proposed 1,700 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)  machine expansion in 2018 and a further increase to 2,550 by Q2 in 2019. At its existing facility, Atlas has the ability to scale up from 3.0MW to 5.0MW at favorable rates, currently approx. $0.03 per kWh (2018). Proposed 2019 rate increases to $0.034/kWh. Future increases subject to regional demands.

Atlas Blockchain Group Investor Relations
+1 (604) 343-8661
[email protected]

Company Info

Atlas Blockchain Group Inc.

Head Office:308 E. 5th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1H4
Telephone Number:604-343-8661
Fax Number:778 871-0357
Business e-mail address:[email protected]

Stock Symbol:AKE
Auditor:MNP LLP
CUSIP Number:049237
Financial Year-End:May 31
Transfer Agent:Computershare Trust Company of Canada
Date of Formation:Jan 21 2010
Jurisdiction Where Formed:Alberta

Principal Regulator:British Columbia
Short Form Prospectus Issuer:Yes
Reporting Jurisdictions:British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario
Stock Exchange:Canada – Other
Industry Classification:industrial products – technology
Size of Issuer (Assets):Under $5,000,000


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